Therapeutic Hiking Sessions

Weekend Hiking Therapeutic Sessions

The therapeutic hiking session is all about you. Whether you prefer to discuss scientific topics, historic topics, other academic topics, discussions of the self, negative feelings or emotions you would like to change into positive thoughts and emotions, talks about the meaning of life, or if you just want to hike in silence. I set up every hike catering to what you want which is why I ask for a week's notice prior to booking or rescheduling. I like to gather research that is relevant to your interests which takes time to prepare properly.

The distance of the hike and the location is your preference. If you do not have a particular location in mind, feel free to email me with a suggested distance you would like to hike, and I will search hiking areas that fit your description.

Pet Friendly! If you wish to bring a pet, that is great. If you do not have a dog and wish to have a dog included on your walk for comfort and/or therapy at no extra charge, please note that preference in the email. If you prefer no pets, that is more than fine as well.

Currently Available on the Weekends in areas of Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and other areas nearby. Please email for inquiries.

50% of all funds are donated to no kill animal shelters and rescues.