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Defining Consciousness - Defining the understanding of consciousness
Metaphysics: Existence, individual reality, & collective reality
Channeling - The Science of Connecting with Energy/ Tapping into Different Layers of Consciousness/ Accessing Different Realities
Types of Consciousness and Awareness Practices
Energy Attachments - Emotions, Memories, Feelings = the energy that makes up our reality and experiences
Physics - The Basics
Is the Naturalism and Scientific Materialism Theories outdated? Quantum Physics has the answer!
Consciousness and Modern Controversial Topics: Abortion
Brain, Memory, and the Scientific Materialism Argument - Quantum Physics Reveals that a Brain is NOT Required for Memory
Various Ways of Reaching a Higher State of Consciousness
Mind-Blowing Concepts about the Universe, Consciousness, and Reality from a Variety of Modern Scholars
Species Consciousness - Conscious Beings (not just humans)
Functions and Components of the Brain - Understanding Consciousness
Book Theory VS Reality
Constantly Redefining Consciousness
Evidence that YOU and I have infinite consciousness