About Me

My goal is to provide research, resources, and perspective on consciousness and the meaning of life through an accumulation of research in Science, Philosophy, Mental Health, and History. I have spent my life searching for answers to the deep philosophical questions about the self, the universe, the point of existence, what is the next step in human evolution, and what should I do to make my life meaningful. I found the answer to these questions by tracing these thoughts and ideas throughout human history to understand how scientific concepts and theories were constructed. I then began research in scientific topics and discoveries in the fields of medical science, physics, cosmology, biology, chemistry, anthropology, genetics, and neuroscience. These fields proved to be interconnected and shed light on how to help solve the mental health crisis. I understand that everyone learns differently and not everyone likes to read which is why I created this site. This site provides a variety of educational resources and tools including podcasts, video presentations, notes in PDF format, and PowerPoint/ Google Slides Presentations that reflect on consciousness and the meaning of life. I am fortunate enough to have received an education and I wish to share the knowledge I have accumulated to anyone interested. My goal is to combine an accumulation of science, philosophy, mental health, and history research to understand and help control our thoughts and emotions as well as guide others to reach higher levels of consciousness through awareness techniques.

Please email HigherConsciousThinker@gmail.com for inquiries and appointments.


My name is Shelli McCoy and I was born and raised in the American south (middle TN, the Gulf Coast regions AL, MS). I was raised Protestant but when I moved in with my gay uncles, they sent us to Catholic High School (starting at 7th grade-10th). I was introduced to different lifestyles and cultures; however, it was not until I moved to Southern California around the age of 16 that my life changed much. Prior to suddenly moving to California, I became depressed and angry due to the life I was living and felt that my life was empty and that I was stuck. Looking back on my youth, my understanding of life very much echos Thomas Paine's Age of Reason.

When I moved to California, I was introduced to so many different cultures and lifestyles that it opened my mind and the world of infinite possibilities which instantly relieved me of any depression. I started college and after a few semesters I decided to enlist in the Marines. I went to boot camp in Paris Island, SC; Marine Combat Training in NC; Communications School in Twentynine Palms, CA; and then stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA as a field radio operator. The Marines provided much experience including integration of various cultures from all over the US assimilate into the military lifestyle. I learned so much about human psychology and the limits of the human body as well as concepts of mind over matter.

After the Marines, I enrolled in a Commercial Diving Program in San Pedro, CA called the College of Oceaneering where I received my Commercial Diving License, volunteered as a Hyperbaric Chamber Technician, and received my welding and EMT certification. In dive school, we would spend the first six months learning laws of physics and then the next six months we spent experiencing the laws in action. The program taught us how put projects together underwater (piping), move large materials (construction) applying buoyancy laws, welding topside and underwater, and advanced diver medic training. While in school, I live in Huntington Beach, CA, and absolutely had the best time meeting people and having the time of my life.

After completing the commercial diving program, I moved to the Gulf Coast once again for possible job opportunities. The shoe just did not fit, and I found myself drowning once again. I enrolled in an EMT program in MS because my certification had expired. I lived in MS and worked as an EMT. I had my own place and was working on sustaining my farm I had built that consisted of chickens, a goat, and horses. I had always wanted a horse and absolutely loved riding horseback. I was extremely lucky because I had the most amazing paramedic partner that anyone could ask for. She was motivated and was constantly looking at ways to self-improve which also motivated me. I had much fun and gained much experience; however, I was not being challenged mentally and once again felt my life was stagnant.

After several years as an EMT, I decided I needed to expand my education and enrolled in a 2-Year Paramedic Program in Gulf Shores, AL. It completely changed my life by making that move and it was for the best. I decided to finish my Associate's while I was obtaining my paramedic license and that was when I was reintroduced to history. I did not enjoy the subject of history in grade school but it completely changed the way I perceived the world when I took it in college. This prompted me to read more and the more I read the more I fulfilled I began to fill.

After obtaining my AS and my paramedic, I became a proctor for a short amount of time for the college but then enrolled in the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I enrolled to obtain a BA in History with a minor in Anthropology. Even though my student loan debt exceeds $120,000 I do not regret the experience. This is where I feel I grew the most intellectually and emotionally. The more I read the more I deconstructed my prior beliefs and understanding of the world and life. History is an accessible timeline to the past where you can peek in on what others experienced, felt, knew, etc. I learned how to look for knowledge and interconnect various fields.

After obtaining my BA, I had no idea what I should or could do with my degree. I lived paycheck to paycheck working minimum wage jobs in the security, hospitality, and the service industry while going through school. I had no money saved so I could not move and was not sure what to do with my degree, so I went for my MA in History. Even though it meant another 3 years of living from paycheck to paycheck, I loved the academic environment and the access to knowledge. I was lucky enough to get a Graduate Assistantship which paid for most of my degree.

After completing my coursework for my MA, I decided to move to TN and teach in an all-boys juvenile delinquent home; however, that did not work out. The program looked great on paper; however, most of the staff did not apply the program and I was not mentally equipped to deal with such anger and violence despite the fact I had always worked in highly masculine fields. I did not feel I was the right person to help these kids and it took a toll on my own mental health, so I had to quit.

Feeling lost but determined to find a decent career, I had several options; however, money was tight. I had experience working as a safety inspector in the shipyards on the Gulf Coast at an earlier time in my life and that played a role in my next step in life. I was offered a position as a safety instructor for the utility construction industry in Atlanta, GA which was the last place and career path I could have expected. Life directs us in funny ways and at the time it may not be what we want but it all eventually works out if you let it. I love my career and consider myself extremely fortunate to have a low stress job.

My career allows me enough time to work on things I want to work on and plenty of free time to explore various hobbies which include research and education. I have been in GA for a couple of years now and decided to reach out to other people who are seeking knowledge and answers to the mysteries of life. I developed this site and a podcast to provide my perspective and interpretation of the meaning of life and consciousness just for the possibility of helping someone out.

It took a long time to figure out how to deal/ control with my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I often ignored my emotions most of my life which led to a buildup of rage, anger, and aggression. Often, we do not know how to properly communicate or convey our feelings to others, and this is usually where we can turn on them or ourselves in a negative way. At first, I tried to release these negative motions through physical activity alone but that did not work. You must acknowledge your emotions, relate to them, understand them, and then release them mentally, otherwise the energy will linger and build. I did not realize this until I was in my 30s. Sometimes we torture ourselves because we are sold on a certain reality; however, we have the power to create our own reality, therefore, make our own happiness. It is all in how you perceive reality and experience this world in this life-form. We have just a short time on this planet despite how we may perceive time, so we might as well make the best of things and have some fun while we can experience life in these forms.

On a personal level, I am philosophical, down to earth, open-minded although opinionated, I love trying new things, a stoic, an animal advocate, environmental advocate, have a wide-ranged sense of humor, a romantic at heart, love participating in martial arts, axe throwing, and sword fighting, and tons of other things.

If you have any questions, comments, inquiries, or need to talk you can contact me at HigherConsciousThinker@gmail.com and I will respond within 24 hours, unless something exceptional causes a delay.